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Bio Intelligence Competence Center

The Bio Intelligence Competence Center is a multidisciplinary hub dedicated to developing bio-inspired system architectures and promoting sustainable resource management, contributing to a sustainable industrial transformation and lifestyle.

In the Bio Intelligence Competence Center, high-ranking scientists as well as industry representatives work together interdisciplinarily to jointly shape the sustainable paradigm shift of the Industrial Transformation. Bio intelligence is the systematic information-based networking of biological and technical systems and the intelligent, sustainable management of natural resources.

Bio intelligence is one of the most important innovation paths for the sustainable renewal of industrial value creation. Crucial for its development and application is the convergence between engineering, life and information sciences.

The Bio Intelligence Competence Center combine research from different fields such as mechanical engineering, process engineering, biology, biotechnology, medical engineering, architecture, nutritional sciences, and computer science to develop bio-inspired new system architectures with a common goal: sustainable production and lifestyles. 

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