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OSEGS Commmittee

The Organization for Science, Education and Global Society (OSEGS) is an academic, non-profit organization that aims to foster understanding, share knowledge and connect communities in the sciences, culture, economics and governance, to contribute to the positive development of global society. OSEGS launches and leads projects that support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and foster the Global Society. It specializes in creating alliances for multidisciplinary projects, working closely with local and national organizations and as part of the United Nations Global Compact. OSEGS is represented by the OSEGS Commmittee, which consists of four members:

Key Elements of the Organisation

Directorate | The Directorate coordinates all activities on a day-to-day basis, including support for active projects, staffing of new projects, crisis management, legal activities and more. The Directorate also studies and recommends projects and initiatives to the Senior Executive Network, taking into account the capacities of its members as well as the impact and urgency of proposals. As one of the few not-for-profit partners in the United Nations Global Compact, the Directorate also works on developing and expanding international collaboration within this community.

Senior Executive Network | The Senior Executive Network is a strategic pool of academics, managers and officials who work together on OSEGS projects and initiatives. Its members come from a wide range of industries and institutions. Some are available on a temporary basis for specific projects, others are permanent members.

Projects and Initiatives | All OSEGS projects and initiatives are custom designed for purpose, according to international project management standards. Each project has one or two managers, in addition to its members and partners.


Project Councils | The consultative Project Councils are set up to include the full spectrum of stakeholders, particularly where numerous different parties are involved in a project or initiative, to ensure participation and plurality.

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