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Global Intelligence Research Program

The Global Intelligence Research Program examines sustainable global development through Bio, Artificial, and Global Intelligence, focusing on networking biological and technical systems, knowledge generation, and addressing global challenges.

The Global Intelligence Research Program conducts research on the question of how a global society can develop in a sustainable and progressive manner. Various concepts of intelligence provide orientation and important perspectives.


Bio Intelligence refers to the systematic information-based networking of biological and technical systems and the intelligent, sustainable management of natural resources. It is an important field of innovation for the sustainable renewal of industrial value creation and the development of convergences between engineering, life and information sciences. Biointelligent systems offer a counter-design to current value creation systems and drive a technology-based transition to decentralized manufacturing of customized products. They enable a shift in value creation focus towards the user and a massive reduction in the consumption of non-renewable materials and emissions.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a human-created, far-reaching and powerful technology for generating knowledge from experience. Humanity is currently making exponential steps forward in this area, the beneficial and at the same time threatening effects of which cannot be clearly assessed. In any case, artificial intelligence is already significantly increasing the efficiency of research projects. 

Another fundamental impact is enabling access not only to global knowledge, but to global, generative capabilities for everyone. This closes a gap between the state of knowledge, capabilities, and their access and application, the implications of which are of evolutionary significance and ultimately contribute to a more equitable global society


Global Intelligence is a research field concerned with the development and maintenance of a sustainable global civil society. It aims to mobilize and strengthen humanity's collective knowledge and capabilities to address global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and conflict. Global intelligence is based on the understanding and application of various human and social phenomena, including global empathy, hierarchy-free superorganizations, swarm behavior, and information formation. Research on these concepts serves to identify the conditions that strengthen or weaken global intelligence and to derive subsequent recommendations for action to promote it. 

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