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Invasive Species Forum

The Invasive Species Forum is a global alliance coordinating scientific and administrative efforts to manage invasive species along the western Mediterranean, addressing worldwide environmental, political, and economic impacts.

The Invasive Species Forum is a strategic alliance dedicated to scientifically informed management and control of invasive species along the western Mediterranean coasts, ultimately facilitating habitat regression and recovery.

This forum assembles a cadre of scientists who, cognizant of their roles, proactively offer their expertise to local, regional, and national public administrations for consultation on the management and control of species that have hitherto been inadequately studied.

This proactive approach is crucial for managing and mitigating the severe impacts on the marine ecosystem in the foreseeable future. Although the inception of this forum was precipitated by the invasion of an exotic alga, Rugulopteryx okamurae, on the Spanish coasts, its relevance transcends national borders, given the transboundary nature of invasive species spread, which is intricately linked to global environmental changes and the profound interconnectedness of all nations. Consequently, this necessitates internationally coordinated efforts to address the pervasive negative impacts, which must be accorded high priority on political and economic agendas worldwide.

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