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Invasive Species Forum

The Invasive Species Forum is a strategic alliance that aims to contribute, on a scientific basis, to the management, control and of an invasive species on the coasts of western Mediterranean, in order to allow habitat regression and recovery.

The Forum brings together scientists who, within the scope of their responsibilities, offer themselves to local, regional and national public administrations to consult on the management and control of a species that has been little studied to date, in order to manage and further limit serious impacts on the marine ecosystem in the future.

Even though this forum was created due to the invasion of an exotic alga named Rugulopteryx okamurae on Spanish coasts, it has equally high national and international importance, since the spread of invasive species is a transboundary phenomenon related to global environmental change and strong interconnectedness between all countries of the world and must be coordinated internationally. This leads to a global negative impact that have to be perceived a high priority politically and economically, among others.

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